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Co-Producer and Ballroom Artist


Presenter, film-maker and creative producer, working in Bristol. 2017 alumni of Rife Magazine, Euella works to help underrepresented young creatives take up space, leadership and strategic decision-making positions in the creative industry with Rising Arts Agency and worked with Limina Immersive to open the UK first Virtual Reality Theatre earlier this year.

Ballroom Artist

Gadget 007

Ballroom Artist


Diva Miyake-Mugler

Ballroom Artist


Kenzo Miyake-Mugler

Aysha 007

Ballroom Artist

360 Camera Operator

Harrison Willmott is an extended realities producer and creative director. He loves experimenting with all kinds of immersive technology and designing both fiction and non-fiction experiences within the blossoming new realm of extended reality. Over the past year he has been studying a Masters Degree in Virtual and Extended Reality with UWE at the Bristol VR Lab and has also been a part of the South west Creative Technology Networks Immersion Fellowship. Harrison comes from a short film and photography background that led to producing some 360 films and propelled him into the creative immersive industries. 

Josh is a determined, self motivated and hard working multimedia creator, with a passion for landscape and wildlife photography. He is currently studying Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University, continuing a lifelong passion for the natural world. For for final project he has been working with 360 degree filmmaking techniques which he used to create a VR documentary film. He is a firm believer that the best work comes from the heart and he looks to bring that value to everything that he does.He thinks that now is the time to tell the stories that matter, the stories that connect us and the stories that make us think about the world in which we live. He is always open to learning new practices and techniques and feels that developments in virtual reality and particularly augmented reality might hold exciting new ways of connecting an audience to a subject. 

Joe is an artist, musician & instrument builder, working across disciplines & with numerous collaborators. His sound work draws heavily on improvi- sation, often using acoustic manipulation and feedback. He hosts a regular radio show on Resonance Extra, co-runs the experimental music imprint First Terrace Records, and has performed across Europe as a solo musician & in collaboration with other performers.

I am a Freelance Audio Editor and aspiring Dubbing / Re-Recording Mixer based in Bristol. I have over 4 years of experience in studios working on a variety of different projects including recording, editing, mixing and mastering audio for podcasts, music and more.

Dom Okah

Artwork Deisgner

Dom is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary designer with a particular passion for illustration and art direction. Please feel free to contact him regarding any projects, requests or to simply just have a chat! www.domokah.com

Rosa Eaton

360 Sound Artist

Rosa Eaton is a freelance audio producer and artist. Winner of the Charles Parker Award for best student radio feature, her work has been on BBC Radio 4 and featured on Pick of the Week. She made an episode of the three times British Podcast Awards season of #QueerAF with National Student Pride and is currently producing Bristol Unpacked podcast for The Bristol Cable. Before doing an MA in Radio Documentary in 2019, she made analogue documentaries in the form of one-woman shows, investigating the unexplained in a suburb and inviting the city of Bristol to help make her life less dull via a poster campaign

Harrison Willmott

360 Camera Operator

Fi Nicholson

Post-production Manager

Fi is a 360 / VR Filmmaker, an enthusiast for narrative storytelling and artist-led experimentation in VR, MR, and games. Fi has worked with creators such as Surround Vision, Visualise, Parable VR, Sky VR, and Mammalian Diving Reflex on 360 film productions. Often Fi can be found collaborating with Limina Immersive on exhibitioning content to audiences in VR Theatres, or at festivals around the world.


Co-founder of THE OTHVRS, an open 360/ VR/ XR collaborative group based in Bristol. This group’s aim is to encourage a broader and inclusive spectrum of individuals within this emerging media by democratising access to materials, funding, and resources. Find more information at theothvrs.com.


Harry Silverlock


A Berlinale Talent and Locarno Industry Academy alumni. Trained as an impact producer at The Scottish Documentary Institute and now studying Virtual Reality MA at UWE. His interests are in queer identity storytelling experienced through new technologies. He is also the producer of The Palace International Film Festival, Bristol’s queer film festival.


Euella Jackson

Project Support

Karteer Miyake-Mugler

Montague FitzGerald


Joshua Pawlowski

Volumetric Capture Artist

Joseph Summers

Score Composer

Becky Street

360 Sound Engineer

Sophie Le Roux


Sophie le Roux’s photography is almost entirely preoccupied by texture, colour, and chance. She frequently uses expired film to produce unpredictable, aleatory pictures, and is fascinated by the accidents that occur at the beginning and end of the roll: a counterintuitive blaze of colour, an elegant chaos of shapes. The camera is encouraged to create something new out of what she’s pointed it at, so that the final result seems to merge the external world with an interior imagination: a photograph captured in the act of capturing itself. The unusual is discovered inside the usual. 

George Jasper Stone

Animation Artist

Ellie Richold