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Gimme One - The Workshop

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

On Sunday 13th October, we held our first day-long workshop in London. Euella and I were joined by Karter, Warren, Aysha, Brandon and (very briefly) George to talk about how we were going to move the project forward.

This is a really exciting project and it is important to us to ensure that Gimme One is co-created with the community. This workshop provided the team the opportunity to come together, experiment with some VR, develop ideas and share ambitions for Gimme One.

The Gimme One team looking through the storyboard.

It was great to have the team together to plan for the next day's filming. We agreed on the new name for the piece, 'Gimme One' which we feel is a good choice and sets the tone for the project.

There are lots to look forward to, a crowdfunder, a 360 degree dome piece and some awesome content. Stay tuned.

Harry, Euella and the Team!

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